The world is speeding towards these grave times, and for this reason, there are organizations being made by those who are passionate about youth and youth advocacy. As one of the pioneers of a peaceful future, Global Youth Board (GYB) is a platform created to build a strong global network of youths to voice their priorities and needs, and form a coalition as global citizens.

On GYB, you can interact with new youth organizations and individuals to kick-start quality conversations and exchange information on critical issues that discourage peace-building efforts.


We ‘connect’ with other
youths around the world


We ‘communicate’ to share thoughts and collect ideas for a better tomorrow


We ‘cooperate’ to solve problems that are difficult to solve alone

You will receive a better understanding on how the people and organizations from the other side of the world are facing their own challenges. In addition, you can take part in events held by other organizations, and they can participate in your event as well.

Our ultimate goal is to gather and convey your voice to international society and leaders in order for policies to be made. Let’s embark on a fresh journey to tackle issues that are too large for any one organization to address alone.

Join us in spreading a culture of peace together as the protectors of peace and of global issues and also as the decision makers of tomorrow, surpassing all borders through youth networks worldwide.